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Our mission is to empower you in your career to thrive. In doing so, we don't necessarily focus on programs to grow you vertically. It’s about pinning down your interests, identifying your strengths, evaluating your skills, and expanding your horizons.

This is done under the guidance of a personal coach who guides you throughout the program. We ensure that there is a visible match between you and our experienced coach.

In the end, you will have an understanding of your transferability and the confidence to clearly communicate your personal value proposition.

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How We Help

A fresh start awaits you:
focus on your interests and understand the power of your job transferability under the guidance of your personal career coach.

Career Discovery

Pin down your interests, identify your strengths, evaluate your skills, and expand your horizons with us.

Executive Programs

Our coaches speak your language as a c-level executive with field experience. The coaching is completely tailored to your needs.

3D Career Orientation Coaching

Your career orientation takes precedence. In our 3D Career Orientation Coaching program, we provide feedback moments with your managers. That way, we guarantee a proactive approach to your internal career orientation.

Supported by a talented Right Management team.

As a pioneer in the market with more than 40 years of experience, we stand for a personal approach and guarantee constant accessibility with our engagement team at your service and a 24/7 technology platform.

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For Who?

We offer personalized outplacement and reskilling & upskilling solutions for all levels: from blue & white collars to professionals/ managers to C-level executives.

Whether you are navigating a career transition, seeking to enhance your skills, or exploring new opportunities.

Our programs are designed to empower and support your journey.

The Right process for you

In the unfortunate event of a layoff, which is sometimes unavoidable, we help you transition to new opportunities that await. Our outplacement program consists of 5 steps dedicated to giving you the necessary confidence, encouragement and inspiration to tackle new challenges and opportunities.

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Discover What's Next With 24/7 Access

During times of transition, we provide access to a world-class coaching team, customized learning journey, and a technology platform that delivers a highly personalized experience to departing and remaining employees. Next empowers you to seamlessly transition yourself in a hybrid fashion, allowing you to adapt at your own pace, regardless of time or location.

We provide personalized e-learning programs for career transition and leadership development through Next. We are dedicated to supporting you in taking the Next step in your career.