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Offer your employees outplacement and career development programs to achieve talent agility and workforce transformation.

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Outplacement - Career Transition


We help everyone to find the opportunity in redundancy

Call us even on a Friday night, and rest easy knowing your transitioning employees will receive immediate and comprehensive support.

From personal coaches that provide one-on-one coaching and career planning to total unburdening of your outplacement duties. We ensure your redundant employees gain the much-needed career confidence, encouragement and inspiration to land their next role.

Our outplacement programs are tailored to the needs of your transitioning employees at all levels, creating a customized experience that best meets their needs.

  • Individual and group outplacement
  • Executive outplacement
  • Employment cells

24/7 access to our digital platform PowerSuite™ Next

Our career coach's one-to-one support is seamlessly enhanced by the advanced technology offered through our PowerSuite™ Next digital platform. It provides over 7,000 customized e-learnings encompassing self-assessment activities, invaluable career resources, access to engaging events and webinars, and global job boards that provide daily job matches.

With PowerSuite™ Next, we deliver an exceptionally personalized experience, even for group outplacements! We understand the importance of digital support in maximizing the candidate experience and facilitating seamless digital adoption, which are crucial skills in today's rapidly evolving world of work.

95% of success

depends on the Right coach

Based on an exploratory conversation about your employees' interests and passions, our experienced coaches will create a customized plan.

Beyond Outplacement

Yesterday’s concept of "outplacement for exit" is undergoing a transformation to meet the demands of your rapidly evolving workforce. We embrace this change by providing comprehensive support for career mobility by taking a holistic approach to help you optimize the cost of workforce transformation and drive financial gains.

Our services are designed to reduce severance costs and minimize the need for external hires. Instead, we focus on retaining a culturally aligned workforce and invest in your human capital’s reskilling, upskilling, and career development. By doing so, we enable our clients to maximize the value of their workforce while achieving their strategic goals.

In addition to supporting career transitions, we also offer the following services:

  • Internal mobility centres
  • Reskilling initiatives for specific employee groups (e.g., career coaching and workshops for individuals aged 50+)
  • Pre-outplacement projects
  • Individual or group career orientations
Career Discovery- Leadership Development

Career Discovery

Build career skills. Enhance engagement. Accelerate value.

Unlock the full potential of the human capital within your organization by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your talent pool. Thanks to our career discovery programs, you can guide your employees in their internal career path.

Furthermore, the reskilling of employees holds immense value in a competitive job market with a prevailing skill shortage. With our Integrated Career Development Programs, we can develop skills to improve career pathways within your organization:  

  • Skill assessment / screening
  • Leadership assessment

3D Career Orientation Coaching

To encourage and facilitate internal mobility within your organization, we have developed a new program that puts your employees at the centre. But we go even further. Our 3D Career Orientation Coaching provides ample feedback sessions with your line managers. After all, they are in the driver's seat to promote internal mobility among your employees.

The foundational elements listed below serve as the cornerstone of our coaching program. Yet, every 3D Career Orientation Coaching can also be tailor-made to suit individual and organizational requirements.

  • 3D Intake Session: Involving your employee, HR, line manager, and our senior/executive career coach.
  • Individual sessions with your personal coach
  • 24-hour access to our digital platform, Next for Careers
  • On-Demand Workshops: Along with access to the e-learning skills portal
  • 3D Action Plan Feedback Session: Collaborating with HR and/or the line manager

Leadership Development

Leaders are made. We help you make them.

87% of organizations currently lack identified leaders to fill critical roles. We offer leadership solutions that address this gap. We focus on the upskilling of core skills that are required at pivotal points in leaders’ careers and accelerating the advancement of top talent in line with succession strategies.

To further enhance the effectiveness of our programs, we provide world-class facilitators who are carefully selected to meet your organization's specific needs. With our comprehensive suite of solutions, we equip your top talent with the tools and knowledge they need to excel and drive your organization forward.

  • Leadership coaching / Hogan assessment / Digicoaching
  • Individual & team coaching
Executive Programs

Specific programs for C-level executives

Your personalised C-level executive program leans on three pillars: expertise, connections, and knowledge. All are tailored to senior profiles within your organization.

Your senior employees dive deeper into their expertise & connections under the guidance of their personal dedicated executive coaches. Additionally, they will have access to our global ManpowerGroup network and various events & webinars we organize to keep your C-level executives updates with the latest industry trends. This is made possible partly by our online tool PowerSuite™ Next where you can work on your development as a leader anytime, anywhere.

And we have very experienced executive (career) coaches with all a strong management and business experience. So we can guarantee the perfect alignment with your executive employees.  

Supported by a talented Right Management team.

As a pioneer in the market with more than 40 years of experience, we stand for a personal approach and guarantee constant accessibility with our engagement team at your service.

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Why Right Management?

Our mission is to empower individuals to thrive in their careers by connecting them with meaningful work. As pioneers in white-collar outplacement since 1980, we have successfully facilitated over 1,500 outplacements annually, including more than 500 professionals and executives. We have established strong references in sectors such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, IT, telecommunications, logistics (PC 226), and FMCG.

With our extensive office network, we maintain a local presence to serve our clients effectively. Furthermore, our global reach extends through our strong worldwide network, enabling us to support your people anywhere in the world.

Part of ManpowerGroup

With Right Management, we are part of the leading ManpowerGroup. This means we can connect you directly with other companies in the global network to help grow your business and to support your transitioning employees.

More than 1.500 annual career programs

Our dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced coaches guide more than 1.500 annual career programs. In other words, 1.500 workers gained the confidence, encouragement and inspiration to tackle their next career opportunity.


We understand that outplacement and career development can be challenging for you as an employer. Therefore, we answer the most frequently asked questions to help you on your way.

What is PowerSuite™ Next for Career Transitions?

PowerSuite™ Next for Career Transitions portal is central to the delivery of excellence to our candidates. It is where we curate our extensive library of career transition resources, showcase our learning and skills platform, provide tools for resume development, interview practice, connection to networking events, and real time job opportunities. PowerSuite™ Next for Career Transitions enables candidates with even more options to learn, connect and realize the career outcomes they desire as successfully, easily and quickly as possible. Tailored to today's hybrid world of work.

When is outplacement mandatory?

In Belgium, outplacement is required by law for employees with a notice period of 30 weeks or more. Additionally, it is mandatory for employees who are 45 years of age or older and are not dismissed for urgent reasons. This legal framework ensures that employees receive the necessary support and assistance during their career transition. For more detailed information about the legal requirements and regulations pertaining to outplacement, we encourage you to reach out to our colleagues who can provide you with the guidance and support you need.

What is Outplacement?

Outplacement services are designed to provide comprehensive support and guidance to employees who are transitioning out of an organization. These services offer employees the opportunity to reskill and prepare themselves for new career opportunities. Our outplacement programs encompass a range of valuable resources, including personalized career counselling, professional resume writing, effective job search strategies, interview coaching, and networking support.