Testimonial wall

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I'd like to thank Right Management and Nathalie in particular for her help in finding the right tools for a good job search and above all in presenting myself in the best light during a job interview, because it was very useful in this case. I wish the same for other candidates.

As you've probably gathered by now, I won't be attending the next session.

Thanks again and keep up the good work! 😀

I am a regular user of the Next platform. I find that it meets the needs of job seekers very well, it is very complete and the complementary articles are an asset (for example the one « Four things I didn't know about job search – until I started looking for a job »).  

The support modules to know ourselves better and the support program are very complete associated with the DB Hoovers search tool and the CV creation tool. I also find that the interview training modules perfectly complement this wonderful platform.

The only difficulty encountered is to send the test results or CV directly to my coach, it did not work for me. I highly recommend this platform!

Thank you for the instructive year, the good tips & tricks, the brave words,....

They came in very handy during my job interviews and therefore I can proudly announce that I can start Monday at my new job at the appointment desk.

I'm glad I've come a long way with Right. Your guidance has helped me a great deal in clarifying my expectations.

Thank you all for your welcome, for the program and its content, the quality of the interviews, the advice, the planning and backoffice workshops.
I had a long way to go last year, but nothing is impossible, you just have to trust yourself and believe in yourself, the proof is in the pudding

I'm going to start working again this month!

Thank you so much for guiding me on my search and good luck with that wonderful guidance you get to do every day.
I can truly say that Right's guidance, including your approach really made a difference in my "search. I appreciated so much how, in addition to the standard content, you put the focus on the people you have 'on the line', have an eye for feedback and respond and adjust accordingly according to the needs of the group. I like that so much!

For me personally, you really helped me 'cross the threshold' to take on the job I'm really excited about today. So, as if it was written in the stars, I found the job that follows my own career plan in the steps I (think) need(ed) today.

I am super happy!!!